Land Wanted

Simmons has over 15 years of experience in unlocking the potential of land. We have worked with landowners on sites ranging from a single home to over 40 properties. By tailor fitting our solutions and services to every unique requirement of landowners, we are able to maximize the value of their assets. We seek to deliver high quality planning permissions on behalf of land owners at our cost and risk.

Sites of all types and sizes are considered, but we are particularly interested in those listed below.

Sites for short medium term developments

– Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire,

-2-20 houses

-Urban, suburban and rural locations

-With or without planning

Strategie sites with medium long term potential

– Options or Promotion Agreements

-Capable of delivering between 2-100 homes

-Typically between 1-10 acres

-Existing settlement or edge of settlement locations

Have a potential site or opportunities in land acquisition? Feel free to get in touch.